A new generation. New friendships, new love-stories and of course, new danger. Will you stand by as new danger rises, or will you participate?
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CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS HAVE COMMENCED! Homes and London Town are now open to Students!

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Minerva McGonagall
Minerva McGonagall

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PostSubject: Rules   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:27 pm

In this post, you will find the rules. You are expected to read these, remember them and obey them. If you have any questions, you can send me, Miverva, an owl.


- If you sign up, your name should be capitalized and contain a space, like mine. It is recommended not to use middle names in your user name, because it will make it too long. If you really want to though, I won't stop you.
Good: Minerva McGonagall - Wrong: minervamcgonagall, loveharrypotter21.

You should not use these surnames, unless I have given you permission to (if you don't have an account yet, but do want to use one of these names, then sign up with them, and owl me right after. I shall tell you if it is okay or not, if not, you can just change your name into something else.):
- Potter
- Weasley
- Delacour
- Dumbledore
- Black
- Lestrange
- Lupin
- Tonks
- Lovegood
- Riddle
- Malfoy
- Snape
- Pettigrew

- The game has no particular rating, but if your thread goes above PG-13, we expect you to put (Rated M) in the description bar. Your character must be at least 15 to have a sexual relationship in game. Same-sex relationships are allowed, and you are expected to respect them. This means, out of character of course, in game you are allowed to think what you want. Abuse and torture are allowed in game, if not overly described, and you must have permission from the person who you are abusing and/or torturing. Rape is not allowed.

- The Godmoding of other characters is not allowed without permission from said character. Godmoding is controlling a character that is not yours. You are not allowed to make characters that are not yours talk, walk, think or even move. Unless, again, you have gotten permission. If your character is being GMed by someone else, you can report this to me.

- Now, some information about posting. A proper post should be at least fifty words. If it is shorter, it is nearly impossible for the person you are posting with to post back a proper one. Posts should not contain vulgar swear words. Words as crap, shoot and screw are allowed. You are expected to use normal grammar and spelling, but mistakes are always forgivable. Nobody is perfect. If you use a different language in your post, you are expected to provide a translation at the bottom. You are not allowed to use smiley faces and/or chatspeak in a post. Using it in the CB however, is fine.

- Now, something about threads. You can make an open thread, which means anyone can join you. And you can make a closed thread, which means you can pick who joins you. So, that means that if you see a closed thread and you are not invited, then you should not post in it. If you have finished a thread, send me a PM with the link, and I shall archive it.

- It is advised not to make too many characters all at once, but if you think you are able to stay active with the amount you make, you are allowed to make as many as you deem fit.

- Your character is NOT allowed to have a special power without discussing it with me first. Special powers include but are not limited to:
- Being a Werewolf
- Being a Vampire
- Being a Veela
- Being a Metamorphmagi
- Being a Parseltongue
- Being a Seer
- Any other ability that would mean your character can do something others can't.

- Your character should not be Mary-Sue/Gary-Stue. A Mary-Sue character is one that is perfect. I do not want these on my site. If you want more details on Mary-Sue/Gary-Stue characters, you can find it on Wikipedia.

- If you have created a character, you should claim a celeb. This should be an actor/singer/model, it should be a real person and not a cartoon. Only the canon Harry Potter characters are allowed to pick out the celebs from the Harry Potter movies, please. This will be how your character looks like. If you claim a face, I would prefer it if you didn't change it again. Once a face is claimed, no one else can claim it. You claim a face by posting your claim in this thread: http://www.hogwartsrises.com/t3-celeb-claim

- The pictures you use should be kept PG-13 or I will delete them. Please, use no larger than 500x300 signatures, or else they will be gigantic. If you don't know how to make a signature yourself, you can find someone to do it for you or you can ask in the Request thread in the OOC section.

- Now, on this site we won't have classes. You can, however, chose to role-play a class with another character. If you do this, you have permission to GM the Professor who teaches that class within reason. Or you can owl the Professor (if he or she is a playing character) to join the lesson. One year will last 4 weeks.

If I add rules, I will let you know with a PM and you should go here and read them.

If there ever are any questions, do not be afraid to ask either me, Minerva McGonagall or Albus Potter, or any other admins; Zacharias Smith, Oliver Wood, Blaise Zabini or Scorpius Malfoy.
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