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 Damian McGinnis

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Damian McGinnis
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin
Damian McGinnis

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General Information

Name: Damian Patrick McGinnis
Nickname: N/A
Age: 16
Birthdate: February 26th
Birth Location: Ireland
Bloodpurity: Halfblood
Wand: Hawthorne, Phoenix Feather, 13", Surprisingly Swishy
Wand Specifications:
Pet: Tawny Cat named unimaginatively "Tawny"
Patronus Form: Grey Wolf


Hair Color/Style: Brown; short and usually messy, but in an attractive sort of way.
Eye Color: Deep blue.
Skin Color: White.
Body Type: Slim and slender, with natural muscle -- one of those annoying types that can eat what they want and not get fat. It must also have something to do with the fact that he exercises.


Father: Michael McGinnis [Muggle; age 46]
Mother: Talia McGinnis [Pureblood; age 46]
Siblings: None -- only biological child; one adopted, Richard McGinnis (formerly Drake) [Muggleborn; age 18]
Other Guardian: N/A

True Neutral

Quote :
Damian is a very introverted person: the complete antithesis of a person who wears their heart on their sleeve. Just by looking at him, one can rarely tell how he's feeling, except for his family, who've come to know him. His main goal is to keep his feelings hidden from those around him, mostly because he sees emotions as a sign of weakness. If he must express emotion, he does it in private, in places he knows he won't be interrupted.

However, his feelings are very real. He's a sensitive person, and takes things very personally, even if he doesn't say anything in response. Because Damian doesn't put out his emotions very much, he's taken to analyzing situations and gaining as much knowledge as he can, which is why anyone will often see him on the cusps of social interaction, but looking in from the outside and often in the library, though not many people notice him unless they're looking. He's good at blending in and not being noticed.

Whenever Damian interacts with people he doesn't want to interact with, he puts on an attitude most would call 'sassy'. He can be scathing and mean, but when someone catches him at the right moment, he can impart wisdom to them and help with a problem, but that's rare. To his fellow students, Damian tries his best not to interact with people, and to his teachers, it depends on the class. For subjects like Potions, Transfiguration and DADA, he pays attention and is civil to the teachers; for Charms, he's neutral to the teacher; and for Astronomy and History of Magic, he doesn't pay attention to the teacher at all. In all his subjects, however, he completes all his assignments and studies -- the way he treats the teacher and the class depends on how important he holds the class. For theoretical subjects, he believes they have no value; for practical subjects, he thinks they're worth his time.

Damian doesn't see the point in sports or extracurricular activities, which is why he doesn't do anything except for his school work. However, he does have a propensity for the outside and animals. Thus, whenever he's not doing his homework, he's usually either outside or hanging out in the nooks and crannies of the castle, where students' cats also dwell.

As for his family, he tries his best not to give into his emotions around them. His father is tough, but fair -- he makes sure that Damian is healthy and such. Although he's a Muggle, he's aware of magic -- obviously, since the rest of the family has magical blood and Damian has the most respect for him. His mother is often off around the world, doing anthropological research on magic -- he listens to her most often, mostly because his relationship with her is esoteric in nature. As for Richard, Damian doesn't pay him any mind, and believes him to be underneath him; however, Richard doesn't miss an opportunity to try and be brotherly to Damian.

Likes: Cats, his Mother, his Father, Knowledge
Dislikes: People, Stupidity, Ignorance, Sports
Strengths: Analyzing situations, education, spell-casting
Weaknesses: Expressing himself, being nice to people, Insomnia

Quote :
Damian's past begins with his parents. His father Michael originally lived in America with loving parents, who cared a little too much about him. Michael had moved to England to get away from his family, so that he could be independent. However, before he moved, he traveled the world and met Talia while in France. Talia was in France researching the Gauls and Wiccan magic. She had been disillusioned with her father, her only remaining relative because of his views of the world, as he was a Pureblood Supremacist, but never joined any extremist groups; however, she agreed with him to some degree and begrudgingly fell in love with Michael after a chance meeting with him. However, at the end of their one night stand, Talia left to continue her work.

Michael, meanwhile, settled down and adopted a son, Richard. And they were together for five years before Talia returned to Michael -- they met again in Michael's town. Little did he know that she did that on purpose, and found him through magic. She had kept the image of him in her mind after those years and determined that she had a connection with Michael. They had another one-night stand, and once Talia became pregnant, she and Michael got serious and eventually married.

Damian was born, and as Richard and Damian grew up, they each discovered they had magic. Talia would often take Damian on her trips, so he knew first. One of the times Damian and Talia were home, Richard was trying to hang out with Damian, but Damian wanted nothing to do with Richard and pushed him -- using his magic, he pushed Richard farther and harder than humanly possible; in response, Richard had backflipped out of it, in a feat of acrobatics that wasn't humanly possible. And Damian told Richard to go to Talia, who explained to them both what magic was and that they couldn't reveal their heritage to Muggles. Of course, they did tell Michael, who understood and devoted himself to learning about Talia's world. Damian was five and Richard was ten.

Before Talia left on another extended trip, she enchanted their home, creating a library and extra space within the house. Damian was left with Michael and Richard. Talia had raised Damian to be completely independent, forcing him to learn languages and keep healthy. Michael endorsed these endeavors and took up a similar position in raising Damian and to an extent Richard. Once Richard turned eleven, Talia made a point to return home, and tell Michael about Hogwarts, where Richard would attend.

Richard had went to Hogwarts, sorted into Gryffindor. Meanwhile, Damian stayed with his mother as she continued her research. Richard, who enjoyed popularity and athletics in Hogwarts quickly rose through into prominence at Hogwarts while Damian had to continually make new friends and adjust as his mother moved. Richard had many friends at Hogwarts and received top marks throughout his time there. He was the prefect student and person; so, when it came time for Damian to come to Hogwarts, Richard was so excited, thinking that Damian would be sorted into Gryffindor. However, Damian, while being sorted, had one wish: not to be in his brother's house.

And he wasn't. For the next two years, Damian kept to himself, spent his summers with his mother, and did his best to be nondescript and refused to be known as Richard's little brother. Damian refused to accept him as a brother, and he put all his effort into school work to try and surpass Richard. Now, after two years at Hogwarts, Damian is entering his third year, without having made a single friend, and finally without Richard there as a constant reminder of what Damian couldn't and refused to be.

House choice:
1. Slytherin
2. Ravenclaw
3. Hufflepuff
4. Gryffindor
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Damian McGinnis
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