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 Kent Chang

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Kent Chang
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Kent Chang

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General Information

Name: Kent Laurent Chang
Age: 17
Birthdate: 1/30
Birth Location: Lancashire, England
Bloodpurity: Half-blood
Wand: 12 inches/Hornbeam/Demiguise Hair
Pet: N/a
Patronus Form: A tiger


Hair Color/Style: His hair is a deep black. But he keeps it semi-unkempt and stylish as well. When he doesn’t, it’s just somewhat wavy and silky.
Eye Color: A dark brown, somewhat like black coffee.
Skin Color: While some people describe it as “yellow,” Kent is a light, peach toned color. A bit on the pale side even from living in Australia. But not the ice-cold white, he has life in his skin that makes him a very light nude color.
Body Type: Kent is rather tall for starters. Not extremely tall as some basketball players, he stands at a decent 5’11 with enough weight on him to pack a punch. He isn’t slender, feminine, or any of the useless jargon to describe some frail, sickly male who always seems a bit indecisive, naïve, and cute. His body, is just in the middle. Not elegant or extremely graceful or any of the flowery words used, but he doesn’t have a muscled Quidditch build either. He falls in-between the two extremes with long legs, with a lean frame-that ultimately holds some toned muscles.


Father: Thomas Lockewood
Mother: Cho Chang
Siblings: Reina Chang
Other Guardian: Jung Chang and May Chang (although he wishes it were Reina)
The most blatantly honest thing that can be said about Kent is that he’s a bit of a jerk. But even if he is, it’s best not to take him seriously. While he hates romance novels and egotistical douche bags, he’s rather on the verge of becoming one himself. He has a confidence to him and a great like for all things humorous He loves a good show and books and movies that keep him thinking and entertained at the same time. Kent has a soft knack for taffy and cigarettes, and non-fuel efficient cars as well. Overall, despite his critically, analyzing self that loves to butcher bad movies to death, he’s an overall good guy. Somewhat.

Likes: Old records, all sorts of antiques (Muggle and magical, although he finds Muggle antiques more fascinating), magical history, classical literature (he prefers nihilist writers like Dosteversky and modernist tales of the Lost Generation). He also prefers Transfiguration and has a fondness of cigarettes even going as far as to smuggle them in transfigured forms. His hobbies include stargazing, the pursuit of all things great, and learning what he wants to learn. While he believes knowledge is power-knowledge has to be utilized to society in order to make it a thing to be reckoned with. Spending a life in academia and publishing little comprehensive findings tend to make him scoff. Kent also maintains proficient grades in his life due to constant grandparental pestering and the fact has been drilled in his mind from an early age. Even so, some subjects he finds particularly boring-but at least it makes him waste time. While he is academically gifted, he still views school simply as a tool, and the best thing he can say about it (other than letting him find interesting books and ideas to learn about) is that it gives him a source of ways to pass time by. Whatever that is.

Dislikes: Kids, good-for-nothing parents. He has a sore spot for Tutshill Tornadoes as well, and venomously sponsors any team that goes against them. The list really goes on and on. He hates ignorant people with a huge passion as well as the prim and proper types abundant. But then, he dislikes scene and hipster kids as well…and the Quidditch types, so a general loathing of people in general?

Strengths: Quick comprehension and analyzation of situations, tactical storytelling and has a way with words (biting sarcasm and great excuses alike). He is fairly decent in all subjects-but soars in transfiguration, history of magic, and charms. Intelligence is one of his strong points, he is alright athletically as well. His debate skills are extraordinary, he has a good singing voice and likes…to dance…To Korean pop music…Also, he is a great bullshitter for late essays or things that come up at a moment's notice.

Weaknesses: Personal hubris, he is full of himself. It is arrogance, it could be seen as confidence, but it is rather negative. He knows he is better than the other birds in the flock, and he knows the limits of having such arrogance-to a certain extent, and some of it is justified, some of it isn’t at all. He isn’t an extremely friendly personal though he can make insanely great small talk when needed to. Mostly, he doesn’t get that there are people out there, he’s been through some cut-throat schooling in the past, and Hogwarts…is oddly mild and laid-back compared to the other institutions. Also, his fondness for cigarettes isn’t a great point. Sometimes tends to let his emotion get the best of him. He also has a bad knack for using swear words.

Kent was born to a rather nice portion of the Earth to a train wreck waiting to happen (or seemed long overdue to constant negligence). It was a nice cold night that he was born in the Lancashire Memorial Hospital to a certain witch and her Muggle, orthodontist husband. Despite the rich suburban atmosphere that was filled with nice private schools, white-pickett fences, and other subliminal messages that this was the place to raise children and grow old together, the marriage pretty much blew apart when he turned 5.
His parents had waited on it though, tried to make it work, and it really didn’t work out. Maybe it was the fact that his mother could use magic. Or it was the reason his ordinary Muggle father was constantly fascinated to it from a cult perspective, as if he loved magic more than his mother. Then all his Star Trek fantasies and children’s books he read had some sort of reality-of fulfillment. Magic was a part of his mother, but it wasn’t the necessary whole, just like to his mother, his father wasn’t what she was looking for and served as a rather mere relationship for the sake of getting married and pretending to have a respectable life with those 2 kids and large house.
And thus, Kent was shipped off to Melbourne, Australia, with his 8 year-old sister, to their grandparents. Apparently, both parents weren’t yet ready for the idea of taking responsibility, and had their own lives to fulfill. His father went back to making teeth pretty and going to regular therapy sessions, while his mother….

Kent really didn’t know what his mother did.

His surname was changed and he started living in another suburban district, equally as drab as the one before until he was around ten. In the area, he attended several Muggle private schools from kindergarten to elementary as there were no magical primary schools for children at such a young age. Then following his sister, he attended Melbourne Academy for Gifted Children. A fairly new institution compared to Hogwarts or Beaubaxtons, but an insanely competitive-as well as lucrative school to get into. It was one of three magical schools located in Victoria, and unlike other schools around the world that accepted all magically gifted students, it didn’t, and actually based its entrance exam off of simple arithmancy and English skills. None of it required magic, and Kent hadn’t found it too difficult. So, he was sent to boarding school as well and didn’t really give a look back. Life hadn’t exactly been pleasant living with his two parents who screamed at each other-often in varying degrees of profanity and sometimes didn’t notice the kids were there (or they would notice but would continue). And then, his grandparents were kind…but old. And while affectionate, it wasn’t the same, and thus, Kent didn’t have much of a family bond unless it came to his sister only because they had experienced the rough isolation together.

He made friends, he made obligations, he did the things everyone but himself wanted him to do. And slowly, he made it through school-often with a bit of rolling his eyes when his sister refused to be seen with a lower classmen like him. In short, school was something akin to dilly-dallying, it took up his time, it gave him something to do, it made him act polite to people he rather would not have. And it didn’t make him very interested. Mostly, he was an outsider, just like he was with his parents, his grandparents, and sometimes his sister. Most of the relationships weren’t intimate, just casually friendly, nothing close-yet not distant as well. So maybe, when his mother told him to pack his bags so she could pretend in her heart that she was there for him, he didn’t complain. He didn’t complain when she made him meet her new fiancé. He didn’t complain when he was sent off to another boarding school. He didn’t even have to complain, because there was nothing really left for him back ‘home’ except his sister. And she had left the previous year for her Dragontaming career.

House choise: Haha, I can see him anywhere but Hufflepuff because he really doesn’t fit it. I made him a 6th year because I felt it was kind of perfect, he was mature to some extent, experienced hardship and growth, but still would have a bit of time left to enjoy Hogwarts (I was considering making him a 7th year, but then…he would probably be dying to get out).
1. Ravenclaw
2. Slytherin
3. Gryffindor

I do think making him a Ravenclaw would be so typical, unclimaxing, and schtuff, so feel free to give a surprise? Because he really would be like, "Knew this shit was going down."
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Kent Chang
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