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 Albus Severus Potter

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Albus Potter
Sixth Year Slytherin
Sixth Year Slytherin
Albus Potter

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Albus Severus Potter Lief
Albus Severus Potter Al4-2

Albus Severus Potter Gen-3

Name: Albus Severus Potter
  • Albus Severus Potter Albussig

Nickname: Al
Age: 16 years old
Birthdate: October 24th
  • Albus Severus Potter Scor-3

Birth Location: London, The Potter Cottage
  • Albus Severus Potter House-1

Wand: 11 inches, hawthorn wood, dragonheart-string core
  • Albus Severus Potter Wand-2

Pet: Ferret named James
  • Albus Severus Potter Ferreyt

Patronus Form: A Cat
  • Albus Severus Potter Leroy

Albus Severus Potter Des

Hair Color/Style: Black hair, very messy
Eye Color: Emerald
Skin Color: Normal, tanned in the summer
Body Type: Slender

Albus Severus Potter Back

Father: Harry James Potter
  • Albus Severus Potter Untitled35

Mother: Ginny Molly Potter (née Weasley)
  • Albus Severus Potter Untitled36

Siblings: James Sirius Potter and Lily Luna Potter
  • Albus Severus Potter Untitled38 & Albus Severus Potter Untitled34

Other Guardian: Ron and Hermione Weasley
  • Albus Severus Potter Untitled40 & Albus Severus Potter Untitled37

Albus Severus Potter Per

Albus is less outgoing as his siblings, he's more shy and prefers small groups over a lot of people. He's a little whiny and he doesn't like it very much when he doesn't get his way, but he is often to scared to actually go against it, except when he really, really wants it. He's very dependent of the ones he likes.

He has the bad habit of biting his lip when he's nervous, and he doesn't always seems to understand that things that seem normal to him are strange to other people. He often thinks to logical, which leads to missing the details.

Likes: Being with friends (Particularly Scorpius), Scorpius, Potions, chocolate covered pineapple, Quidditch, Reading detective stories and Quidditch.
Dislikes: Wizards chess, pain, being with a lot of people he doesn't know, being talked down by his brother, the dark, being denied something and weather so bad he can't play Quidditch.
Strenghts: loyal, sly, good thinker, if he really, really wants something he will get it; no matter how. Knows how to talk to people if he wants to get something in particular, can convince them he's right.
Weaknesses: Gets nervous around many people when he's on his own, is easily convinced, selfish, impatient, can sometimes be a bit oblivious.

Albus Severus Potter His

Albus was born to Ginny and Harry Potter. As the son of the Boy Who Lived, he had quite a name to live up to. And being the spitting image of his father wasn't really helping him either. He loves his parents and even though they can both be a pain in the arse, he loves his brother and sister too. Albus was the first Potter to be sorted into Slytherin, which nerved him in the beginning, but he has come to terms with it now and wouldn't have it any other way. His sister was the first Potter to be sorted into Ravenclaw and with that the 'All-The-Potters-Go-To-Gryffindor' was broken.

During his first year, Al befriended Scorpius Malfoy, with whom he formed a very close friendship. And in his third year Al realized that his feelings for Scorpius might not only be friendship. He didn't dare to tell his friend this, and when Scor got a girlfriend that year, Al wasn't all that pleased about this. They kissed for the first time in third year, Al claiming to Scor it was just about the practice. They didn't bring it up again, and neither did they bring up the second time they kissed that year.

In Al's fourth year, there were some complications. A girl named Rebecca Parkinson caused some trouble between him and Scor. After a big fight that caused Scor to run from his house in only his boxers (clothes being in the washing machine after a mud-covered hugging incident) they didn't talk for the rest of the holidays. Al then realized he needed his friend a lot more than he had originally expected, and he couldn't be more glad when they finally made up.

It wasn't until fifth year that they kissed again, this time after a tickle fight in the dorms. After, Scorpius decided that they would never speak of it again, which broke Al. The boy finally confessed to Scorpius about his feelings, causing the blond to make a run for it. It were two girls that made them finally get together, locking them in a cupboard that wouldn't let them out until they figured things out. Finally, after two and a half years, they became a couple. Though they decided together they wouldn't tell anyone, with the exception of a few people.

During an event at the Ministry, a Dark Lady and her followers took over, robbing Al of his father. While he still doesn't like talking about everything that happened at the ministry, Al is convinced his father will return to them. Al will not admit that his father is dead, because he doesn't believe he is. After the event at the Ministry, Al decided he wanted to be an Auror.

Fifth year was also the year Albus took his owls, and after a lot and a lot of practice, he managed to get the marks he needed to be able to take the NEWT's he'd need to be an auror.

Quote :
Charms - Exceeds Expectations
Transfiguration - Exceeds Expectations
Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
Potions - Outstanding
Divination - Acceptable
Astronomy - Acceptable
Muggle Studies - Outstanding
History of Magic - Dreadful

Albus Severus Potter Rel
These are some of the most important people in Al's life.

Albus Severus Potter Untitled35 - Harry James Potter - Father
  • Al absolutely adores his father. Even though, Al does not like being compared to him. He wants to be his own persion, even if his father and himself look very much alike. Al wants to make his father proud, this was why he was scared when he went to Hogwarts. Though, when his father told him that it did not matter what house he got, Al was not scared anymore. He knew that no matter where he ended up in, his father would be proud of him.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled36 - Ginny Molly Potter - Mother
  • Al's mother is a very important person in Al's life. Al loves her very much, and he honestly wouldn't know what to do without her. She knows exactly what he likes or dislikes, and is a pro in calming him down. She is one out of few who is able to do this.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled38 - James Sirius Potter II - Brother
  • Even if James and Albus might argue a lot, Al cares a great deal about his brother. He hates being compared to him though. Al detests seeing James in pain. He also hates losing from James. He knows that even though they have their differences, he could always come to James for advice if he needs it.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled34 - Lily Luna Potter II - Sister
  • Al and his sister are quite close. Al trusts Lily, and he cares for her. He will never turn her down, and will always try his very best to make her proud. Her oppinion is very valuable to him, and Al will be crushed if she disapproves of something that is very important to him. He is very protective about her, and will do everything to keep her safe.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled41 - Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy - Best friend
  • Scorpius, or in Al's mind, Scor is Al's best friend. He trusts the boy completely, and Al honestly wouldn't know what to do without his house-mate. They do everything together, and Al relies on the blond greatly. Al will do anything Scor tells him to, but he also has his ways to make Scor do what he wants. As he is getting older, Al is starting to realize that his feelings towards Scor might be a little more than just friendship. He is on his way of accepting these feelings, but currently he has not done so. Scor means a lot to Al, even if he is a Malfoy. He doesn't care what his family might think of their friendship, which is rare because Al always cares about these kind of things.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled42 - Rose Jean Weasley - Cousin/Friend
  • Rose is the only cousin who is Al's age, which means she is one of the family members he is closest to. Even though them being sorted into different houses at Hogwarts made the grew apart a bit, Al still loves her.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled43 - Evra Milena Summers - Friend
  • Al met Evra in his first year, during a History of Magic classroom. They might not have hit it off right away, but he grew to admire the girl. He enjoys spending time with the Ravenclaw, and he knows that she'll always be there if he really needs help.
Albus Severus Potter Untitled39 - Marcus Christopher Oliver-Bloem - Friend
  • Al met Marcus during his first year, the Gryffindor boy is quite different then Al, but the boy likes him. Mark is very talkative, and Al is never bored when he is around the other boy. Al especially liked it when Mark thought Harry Potter was a distant relative of him.

Albus Severus Potter Sig

Albus Severus Potter Ally

Albus Severus Potter Albus

Albus Severus Potter Albys-1

Albus Severus Potter Al2

Albus Severus Potter Al-2

Albus Severus Potter Allie

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Albus Severus Potter
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