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 Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget

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Harry Potter
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Ministry Official
Harry Potter

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Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget Empty
PostSubject: Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget   Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 6:32 am

He didn't know what day it was, he didn't know how many days it had been. The only thing Harry Potter knew was it had to end. The blood, sweat, and mud all ran together and caked his body. His lips and skin was chapped. He had gashes and bruises covering his body, his body ached so much that it was near numb. He no longer felt when he got a new scratch, when the blood ran down and mixed with the mud it no longer burned.

Like a snail leaving a trail, Harry slid along on his belly. What started as a crawl had been replaced with what was now a desperate drag. One hand would go up over his hand and he would do his best with what little strength he had to pull himself even with it and then repeat. He went on like this for what felt like miles but in reality was only a few feet.

The voices mixed with the sounds of nature and Harry Potter no longer knew what was real and was just in his head. 'You're mine," One would say. 'You'll never make it,' would come another. One second would turn into one minute which became and hour, then a day followed by a week which led into a month which fed a year. A year. Two years? Four? Where was he....

There was nothing to remember, nothing to forget. What was his name? What was the year? What was this place? Was that the sun? Was he dead? He might of not knew because he was in hell... was there a hell? Did he believe in a hell?

A ghost flashed in front of him. It was a female, with red flowing hair and brown eyes. He liked her lips, he liked her smile. She looked like what he would envision safety would look like. If there was such a thing as safety. He reached out to the ghost, but she didn't reach back. Yes, if he believed in hell this is what it had to be.

His arm fell and the only thing he was able to grab ahold of was more mud. He could taste it, smell it, feel it. It was everywhere. On him, in him, with him. It clung to him like a new born baby would it's mother.

Mother. Baby.

He had a mother. Didn't he? A baby? He had a baby. He had one. Three. He had three babies. Babies needed mother. He had a mother. Wife. He had a wife! They had a mother. The ghost wasn't a ghost at all, it was a memory. A mirage. Harry did his best to grin with the sudden realization that he was married and had children. He was happy....once. The grin was feral like a dog that had went wild and had just came upon a fresh kill.

Kill. There he didn't want to go. He had to do it too many times for it to be a healthy memory. He had survived the war, he had seen death and caused death but it was nothing like this. What had happened here he never wanted anyone to know.

"You don't talk. You don't say anything. Okay?" He screamed at himself. His voice was cracked and harsh.

'You belong to me.'

It was a voice he had heard to often. It was her voice. He wasn't free. He was still in her game.

Gathering all the strength he had left. Gathering all the willpower, the courage and determination. The great Harry Potter rose slowly to his feet. He was wobbly but he was taking his last stand. He might die here, right here in this moment but he was not doing so without a fight.

For his wife. For his children. He had too.

"I belong to no one!"

A bright light crashed around him, and seemed to crash through him. It was a blinding light, a crushing light. He screamed but no noise came out and what it mean he didn't even know.

Then the light went out and everything was black.
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Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy

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Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget Empty
PostSubject: Re: Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget   Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 7:01 am

He knew it grew around here somewhere, because he always went here to pluck the Dittany he sold in his shop. It was a very rare ingredient for potions, but incredibly important nonetheless. Essence of Dittany wasn't very hard to brew, but it sold like hot cakes. That was why once in a while, Draco had to go into the forest behind Malfoy Manor, all the way to the back, where the essence of Dittany grew. The forest was dark, but it held no dangerous creatures, as they could not penetrate the wards around the Malfoy Manor that had been there for years.

Using his wand to light his way, Draco continued his search for the Potion ingredient. It took him a while, but after five minutes, he managed to find what he needed. Taking it from the ground gently, Draco cast a status charm on them so they wouldn't dry out before he got back to the Manor. Then he shrunk them and slipped them into the pocket of his robes.

He was just about to turn back, when he heard a terrible scream and then a crashing noise, as if someone just fell on a tower of dried leaves, crunching them all at the same time. Draco pointed his wand at where the sound came from immediately, ready to cast a serie of curses towards the intruder, or intruders, of his wards. He wasn't prepared however, for the sight that met his eyes. He only just managed to keep his mouth from falling open, because if he had let it happen, his jaw certainly would have hit the ground.

Because right there, in the middle of the grounds surrounding Malfoy Manor, was Harry Potter. The Harry Potter. The one that had gone missing nearly nine months ago. That Harry Potter. He looked broken. He looked tortured, beaten and exhausted. It took the blond man a few moments to realize what to do, but then he spurred into motion. He cast several spells first, unable to fight of his Slytherin nature, to make sure that the man lying there was really Potter, and not just an intruder that had taken on Potter's appearance. But even after Draco cast all the spells he knew of, it was still Harry Potter lying there. So he walked even closer, lowered himself on his knees and studied Potter closer.

He appeared to be unconscious.

Why Potter was in his wards, Draco didn't know. He wasn't sure if he wanted to know. But if someone found out he had Harry Potter in his wards, he would surely get blamed for the man's disappearance. So even if Potter looked this beaten up, Draco decided that he could not take Potter to St. Mungo's. At least not until the man had woken up and Draco was sure he would not blame him for what happened to him. He could not risk it.

So Draco would have to heal Potter himself, but healing spells weren't the man's strongest point. Potions were his area of expertise, but Draco didn't have any potions with him right now, and he wasn't sure if he should move Potter in a state like this. And the man surely was in no state to Apparate. He didn't want to leave Potter alone either. After all the years that passed, Draco no longer had a death wish for the man. He couldn't leave Potter alone. He had to try.

But then the blond realized he did have something that would help him. His hand went into his pocket, he cancelled the status spell and crushed the plant between his hands. He put the crunched leaves into one hand and used the other to force Potter's jaw open. Then he dropped the contents inside. "Come on Potter, swallow like the good boy you are," Draco murmured, forcing Potter's mouth shut and waiting for the man to swallow. The crushed Dittany wouldn't heal everything, but it would heal the most severe wounds, and hopefully make it able for Potter to wake up again.
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Nothing to Rememer, Nothing to Forget
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